proxy the request by user type but not by realm?

Leo Lei nsinit at
Tue Nov 14 11:56:24 CET 2006

hi, all:
	forgive my poor expression in english. :(

	server A as the proxy server, server B as the remote server validating the user in the access-request proxying by A. 
The exact thing that happens for A is this:
	    1. receive the access-request, check the user type, if match special type, proxy the request to B for special validation. 
if not match, local normal validation.
		2. get the response from B, if access-accept, process the succeeding validation. and then respond with access-accept or access-reject.

in general:
	can i:
	1. proxy the access-request by user type?
	2. perform the succeeding validation after receiving the response from the remote server B?

	and how can i do that?


Leo Lei

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