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Wed Nov 15 18:36:05 CET 2006

Gustavo, the better place to start is your server documentation : 
freeradius.x.xx/doc/aaa.txt, Autz-Type, etc.....then the config files of 
your server : radiusd.conf and sql.conf.....I 've started with this good 
guide, it will guide you through 
config mysql for your radius.
THe best you can do, my opinion, is go ahead, make your better try and 
radiusd -X + radtest ......they will tell you where it fails.
Good luck

Hernan Antolini at wrote on 
11/15/2006 01:57:58 PM:

> Hello All!, im newbie in RADIUS, I have installed freeradius and I want 
> configure it to work as AAA with CISCO AV-PAIRS. I have a program that 
> request as a radius client and the attributes what I send is:
> Authenticantion:
> I send to radius:
> ==>USERNAME:xxxxxxxx(8 digits)
> ==>PASSWORD:xxxx(4 digits)
> ==>VENDOR: Cisco-AVPair
> I recive from radius
> if:
>     <==Cisco-AVPair=' h323--credit-amount=xx'
>     <==Cisco-AVPair=' h323-return-code=X'
> else:
> Radius use a mysql database to process this Authentication. I apreciate 
> help in configure freeradius as shown. Greetings,
> - 
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