Adding queries to sql.conf and/or radiusd.conf

Michelle Manning mmanning at
Wed Nov 15 20:43:54 CET 2006


I am looking to set radcheck.activeDate and radcheck.activated when a 
user logs in for the first time.
At this same time I want to update or insert an expiration attribute for 
that user. I tried putting an
update in the sql.conf file for the radcheck table with the queries that 
insert &/or update radacct.
Of course it didn't work. How can I add more queries to this area and 
how do I let Radius know that
these queries have to run at specific times like accounting_start_query 
and accounting_update_query.

I also tried concatenation of two queries but that didn't work either.

Has anyone tried this before? Any ideas for me?

I also thought about putting it in radiusd.conf file. Not sure where to 
start there.

Thanks much.

Running freeRadius 1.1.3

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