logging to normal radius.log and syslog

Michael Messner michael.messner_edv at inode.at
Thu Nov 16 15:10:59 CET 2006

hey @all,

 for testing we write the complete debugging messages to syslog into a
special file but with this method the loggin to the normal radius.log
file won't work anymore!

We start radiusd with daemontools and with these parameters:

loggeropt="logger -p local6.info -t radiusd -s"
exec nice -n $NICELEVEL $RADIUSD $ARGS | $loggeropt

this works quite good but there are nomore messages in the radius.log - file.

the radiusd.conf:
15:09:45 Xradius ~ [root]grep radius.log /etc/raddb/radiusd.conf
log_file = ${logdir}/radius.log

the detail logs are working!

any ideas what can I do?


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