Tsunami MP.11 5054-R base station and Tsunami MP.11 5054-R

Cameron Cowie cdc at limeline.sl
Thu Nov 16 16:15:42 CET 2006

 Hi all

Is there anyone out there that works or has worked  with the Tsunami 
base station / subscriber unit combo.

I can get the base station to authenticate against my free radius server 
and it works beautifully, but when I get the subscriber unit to try to 
authenticate through the b/s it skips it and looks for the next 
available  b/s that is not running radius authentication.

Now is this a limitation of the hardware or am I missing a clue on the 
radius server?

Trouble shooting I have done so far.

Boot the radius server with raidusd -XX
turn on the basestation
have it authenticate.
turn on the subscriber unit

and nothing.

Thanks all:

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