freeradius with active directory integration

Karthik R kartthikr at
Fri Nov 17 00:37:06 CET 2006

In my setup am trying to authenticate wifi users using PEAP with TLS against
the active directory using freeradius. i m using linksys wap54g AP. i may be
going somewhat out of this forum related to, but as am using freeradius i
thought of posting it here.

I was able to successfully configure the freeradius v1.1.1 on a RHEL 4 box
and integrated with windows 2003 active directory. I was able to pull the
users and groups from active directory using getent group and getent passwd
command and ntlm_auth also work great.

I configured the windows XP supplicant as mentioned in this link:

The issue is when i try to connect the wireless client, i dont see any
traffic hitting the freeradius server unless i enable "Authentication as
computer when computer info is available" in client.

Does anyone faced this issue or pour some light ?
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