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The above link includes a document with a title of "EAPHost Extensibility in 
Windows Server "Longhorn" and Windows Vista" . In this document you will see 
a link to "Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Registry" on page 2. In 
this link the supported EAP-TYPE numbers are written. For type number 33, 
which is EAP-TLV, it is only supported for "MS-Authentication-TLV", and I 
think this type is only Result-TLV.

Murat Sezgin

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> > Vista supports only PEAPv2 client (but I think only one TLV
> > type- TLV-Result),
>Can you provide some documentation on that?  We've been collectively
>trying to figure out what Microsoft did to break Vista working with
>FreeRADIUS.  I'm wondering if this is it.
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