Blank usernames

Marat Rysbekov rysbekov at
Sun Nov 19 19:05:35 CET 2006

Good day, everyone.

I'm trying to setup FreeRadius 1.1.3 to assing IP-addresses based on
what NAS the authorization request came from, no matter what
username or password was supplied.

Some of my configuration:

Alpha          NAS-IP-Address ==

Beta            NAS-IP-Address ==

DEFAULT    Auth-Type := Accept, Huntgroup-Name == "Alpha", Pool-Name := "PoolA"

DEFAULT    Auth-Type := Accept, Huntgroup-Name == "Beta", Pool-Name := "PoolB"

I specify the IP-pools in <radiusd.conf>, and it works fine, except
for one thing:
I get no Access-Accept reply whenever the username is left blank (any non-empty
username is accepted by the server).

So, my question: is there a way to make FreeRadius use the DEFAULT entries
when the username is not supplied at all?


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