RLM Perl cache problem?

david.suarezdelis at telefonica.es david.suarezdelis at telefonica.es
Mon Nov 20 10:45:44 CET 2006


I have freeradius 1.3.0 running on GNU/Linux 3.1 using rlm_perl with
ithreads without problem (and it works nicely, well done!).

The authenticate() sub returns a "Framed-Ip-Address" and a
"Framed-Ip-Netmask" through the %RAD_REPLY hash, and, sometimes (when the
NAS is adecuate, and depending on user, group and so on), a "Class"
attribute as well.

I have observed that once I have returned a Class attribute, though, it
keeps getting sent by FreeRadius even when my authenticate() sub is not
assigning to it. The behavior is like if it was cached somewhere... If I
restart FreeRadius, though, the attribute is not sent, until I send one,
and then it starts being sent again, even if I modify the data so it's not
sent (my own traces and the rlm_perl traces: "adding AV pair..." confirm
that Class is not being assigned).

I have tried to delete() the %RAD_REPLY hash keys when the function gets
called, so I always start with a fresh one, but it's not working either.

Before doing further testing, though, undefining the keys values, and so
on, I'd like to ask if anyone is having this behavior, if it's the expected
one, and how can I correct it (because connections are rejected by the NAS
when Class is assigned when it shouldn't).

Thanks for you help,

PS- aditionally, is there an updated rlm_perl manual specifying what
section it loads is for, and how to use the shared memory to set up db
pools and cached results for making things easier before each forking?


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