Temporary Accounts

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.LeMeur at supelec.fr
Mon Nov 20 17:12:04 CET 2006

I'm using FR 1.1.3.
I'd like to use the 'files' or 'mysql' backends to store temporary radius
accounts used for guest accesses.

I'd like to be able to enforce:
* a Day-Of-Week and Time-Of-Day policy
  ===> using the Login-Time attribute seems appropriate
* an 'account available Not-Before / Not-After' policy
  ===> What is the recommended setup for this last part of the policy ?
       - Using the 'Expiration' attribute for the 'Not-After' part is ok,
but what about the Not-Before part ?
       - Do I have to use the Current-Login attribute to check the
Not-Before part ? If yes what is the format of this attribute ?

Any pointer to a faq or a sample setup file would be appreciated ;-)

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