windows 2003 AD authentication with freeradius (for 802.1X)

Stieven.Struyf at Stieven.Struyf at
Tue Nov 21 08:16:46 CET 2006

> > I created this procedure with bits and pieces i found on the internet, 

> > hints i got on this list and some things i found out myself. 
> > I hope this saves some time to others(as this was a popular question 
> > list/google, but i didn't found the complete solution that worked for 
>   The Wiki?  My web site?  What part of those procedures didn't work?
> What part of your procedure is different than what's documented?

The proxy.conf configuration(without it i got realm not found), your 
document is also missing the tls section of eap.conf.
as i said, i didn't found a document that i could follow and immediately 
gave results.
There where always some smaller(but crucial) parts that where missing for 

For you all those things are trivial, but there are also users who don't 
spend whole days managing freeradius servers.
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