new radrelay features

Alexander Serkin als at
Wed Nov 22 07:56:23 CET 2006

According to the docs on 2.0.0 pre-release do i understand right that
to proxy accounting requests i should set up radiusd.conf to put 
accounting into detail file and set up radrelay.conf to proxy requests 
to another servers?
What confuses me is that both radiusd.conf and radrelay.conf include the 
same files - proxy.conf and acct_users. And in many configurations 
acct_users for radiusd.conf and for radrelay.conf will be different.
Should we keep two different files say acct_users_radiusd and 
acct_users_radrelay in that case? And it seems that we should have two 
proxy.conf files also.


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