trivial problem?

Yans van Horn yans at
Thu Nov 23 20:25:13 CET 2006

Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
>  Uh... do we have a business relationship I'm unaware of?  If you want
> a consultant to configure your system for you, please see the
> "support" link on

You are right, we do not have a bussiness agreement. And I was not asking 
for configuring for me the whole system or resolving any complicated 
problem. The "users" file i presented was as simple as it can be, i thought 
it wouldn't be much of a problem to help out - point in a right direction. 
It seems i was wrong. I'm really sorry for taking so much of Your time.

What is most dissapointing is Your cynism and rudeness, I did not expect 
that. I'm just curious if this is Your "way" through life ? (retorical 

still, best regards,
Marcin 'Yans' Bazarnik


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