Mac based auth

jonr at jonr at
Mon Nov 27 02:34:17 CET 2006

This is what I am trying to accomplish:

I want to use mac address based authentication with WPA+PEAP. I have finally
figured out how to get my Wireless laptop to connect and get a DHCP address
through freeradius using the certificates created with openssl using the CA.all

How do I validate a user by mac address so that the users mac would be their

What is the format of the MAC in the 'users' file? I have seen it as
01020304-0a020304 or something similiar, is that correct?

Does anybody have a good suggestion on how to get the root.der cert to the
client if they can't connect to the AP until they get authenticated, and they
can't get authenticated until they have the cert.

And finally, is there some sort of session management so that only one matching
mac can be on at one time?

Sorry if these are lame questions but I am completely lost at this and am
reaching out for help.

Thanks for any help,


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