Windows Vista doing PEAP

Michael Messner michael.messner_edv at
Wed Nov 29 15:21:50 CET 2006


 Vista now working with freeRADIUS?
any debugging information needed?

ca mIke

Alan DeKok schrieb:
> Pedro Ribeiro <pribeiro-bulk at> wrote:
>> The "Radiator" people are talking about problems with SSL empty
>> fragments handing in Windows Vista ...
>> I've tried to compile FreeRADIUS with
>> SSL_OP_DONT_INSERT_EMPTY_FRAGMENTS but the final result is the same,
>> clients can't connect!
>   i.e. the patch below MAY help.  There is still an issue in the
> FreeRADIUS state machine where it MAY send an empty ACK once the SSL
> tunnel is set up.  Most clients seem to be OK with this, but maybe
> Vista isn't.
>   A solution, I *think* would be to have FreeRADIUS send an EAP
> Identity request inside of the tunneled session for PEAP, as soon as
> the session is established.  This should work with third-party
> supplicants, and may allow Vista to work, too.

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