Windows Vista doing PEAP

Dourty, Brian R. (IATS) DourtyB at
Thu Nov 30 18:13:25 CET 2006

The patch did improve things, but is still isn't perfect. If I configure
my VISTA client to prompt me for my credentials the authentication works
and I get connected. If I configure my VISTA client to use my windows
login credentials (This is the default behavior) the Auth fails. For
some reason the arguments to ntlm_auth aren't right. I've looked at the
requests and don't see anything different as far as domain/username. It
still functions fine under XP, even when XP uses windows credentials for
the log in rather than prompting.


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Cool deal.  I have also been able to confirm that adding the
SSL_OP_DONT_INSERT_EMPTY_FRAGMENTS option to the CTX makes Vista work.
This is good news for us since we have a volume license deal and now
have release copies beginning to be installed.  :)


On Nov 29, 2006, at 5:00 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Michael Messner wrote:
>> I think you have not seen the mail from pribeiro-bulk at with
>> subject:
>> Re[4]: Windows Vista doing PEAP - WORKING!!!
>   Hmm... I have noticed the occasional email show up in the list 
> archives, but not in my inbox.  Oh well.
>   I've added the patch to 1.1.4 & CVS head.
>   Alan DeKok.
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