prevent roaming configuration question

isidoros webmaster at
Mon Oct 2 15:52:45 CEST 2006

James Wakefield wrote:
> James Wakefield wrote:
>> isidoros wrote:
>>> Thanks James for your answer,
>>> I'm fairly new to freeradius I know the package only 14 days. (or 
>>> radius in general for that matter)
>>> The group configuration is a mystery to me. It is unclear for me how 
>>> this separates the users. This is how I think
>>> 1) G1 with users A,B,C
>>> 2) G2 with users X,Y,Z
>>> 3) At a request the configuration determines which group the user 
>>> belongs to
>>> 4) And makes a query for the users A until Z to the same database
>>> 5) the auth_query only talks about the user.
>>> 6) This is the point where a fail to understand that the group 
>>> config helps me. The query is made to the same database on behalf of 
>>> the any user.
>>> Please spell it out to me where my thinking goes wrong. I would like 
>>> the understand this group config thing better (if at all at this 
>>> point in time).
> Actually, explains it much better 
> than I just did.

Don't do yourself short, your explaination is just what I needed.

Everything is working OK. with the group config you suggested.

many thanks for your support



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