lots of duplicated user logins via cisco aironet

Michael Messner michael.messner_edv at inode.at
Thu Oct 5 13:49:20 CEST 2006

hey freeRADIUS users,

[root at Xradius ~]# radwho -r
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S310,Wed 11:33,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S279,Tue 12:45,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S453,Thu 15:13,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S468,Thu 15:24,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S268,Thu 09:44,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S273,Tue 12:33,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S259,Mon 14:49,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S325,Tue 16:28,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S372,Mon 12:07,,
02-01-8D-C9-2B-19,02-01-8D-C9-2B-19,shell,S31003,Mon 15:44,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S295,Thu 10:05,,
mmessnerO,mmessnerO,shell,S301,Thu 10:52,,

X.115 is a enterasys switch and the X.118 device is a cisco aironet
access point, whats going wrong with this device?
acutally there is just one mmessner connected!
why is the username as mmessner0 displayed, while if I connect via the
enterasys switch I got also the domainpart?!?

thanks mIke

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