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	Thanks for the help. Now radiusd is receiving the packets. But
	it is ignoring the packat saying it is from unknow client.

rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host 2001:888:1941::3 port 30407,
id=101, length=88
Ignoring request from unknown client 2001:888:1941::3 port 30407

I have following entry in the clients.conf file

client  2001:888:1941::3 {
        secret  = sharedsecret
        shortname       = mps_daz_1

Thanks in advance.


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>> Hi,
>>     I am using FreeRADIUS 2.0.0 ; $Date: 2006/08/15 20:46:48
>>     Will this server work on a host configured with IPV6 address and
>> clients will still be
>>     able to authenticate using this server?
>>     I am currently not able to use this radius server. Using
>tcpdump I
>> could see the radius packets reaching the server,
>>     but the packet is not reaching the radiusd daemon.
>>     Do I need to do any configuration changes for the same? Should I
>> use some other version?
>you need to configure your freeradius radiusd.conf to use IPv6.
>listen {
>        ipv6addr = ::1   # any.  ::1 == localhost
>        port = 0
>        type = auth
>#       interface = eth0
>PLEASE read the example radiusd.conf in raddb for more info -
>for example, one freeradius daemon CANNOT run ipv4 and ipv6 at
>the same time (currently) and ALSO there is a bug.  :: 
>(listen on any address) causes a segmentation fault.  ::1 
>(listen localhost only) works fine - I'm _supposing_ that
>setting the systems IPv6 address as the
>value would work, but I dont have any remote tools to test
>against. its not like IPv6 is going anywhere anyway........  ;-)
>you can tell its working (as much as it currently does) by
>looking att he debug logs when you run 'radiusd -X'...you
>should see something like
> main: port = 1812
> listen: type = "auth"
> listen: ipv6addr = ::1 IPv6 address [::1]
> listen: port = 0
>and see the listening process using 'netstat' tool (for example)
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