Called-Station-ID and Cisco AP's

Garber, Neal Neal.Garber at
Fri Oct 6 15:13:20 CEST 2006

> Called-Station-Id = "0017.0f8c.25c1"
> However, the cisco itself shows something slightly different:
> Mac Address 	0017.0f8c.25c0

Does your AP have two radios?  If so, is this the
MAC of the other radio?

> Have others seen/noticed this before?  ... If not, can 
> anyone else look and see if they are having a similar issue?

We use Cisco 1232 AP's and I'm not seeing this problem.  The
Called-Station-ID is the MAC of the AP and the Calling-Station-ID
is the MAC of my XP laptop that associated to the AP.

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