Prevent certain ip ranges from accounting

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Sat Oct 7 13:06:31 CEST 2006

Van Der Westhuizen, Eldridge (Mr) (Summerstrand Campus North) wrote:
> for any/ internet/ services.  All the free community services, like 
> /local/ chatting within the community network, local voice over ip, etc, 
> should not be billed.  All of this traffic will flow between the local 
> network
> on a class B range.  Is it possible to exclude this range from 
> accounting on the radius system and only do accounting for any other ip 
> address  (to only bill actual internet traffic) ?

This is not a radius issue / feature. Your network devices will have to 
be able to differentiate local versus internet traffic for you. If they 
can, they *may* be able to just put the internet counter values in 
radius accounting packets, but I don't know of any NAS that does.

Radius accounting packets just contain a single one-dimensional list of 
packets/bytes in/out. What your NAS puts in them is a NAS issue.

If you're assigning fixed IPs, you might look at netflow. Packets like 
"ipfm" and similar can be used to monitor traffic by IP from a port 
mirror. All depends on your network architecture.

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