Decisionmaking in FreeRADIUS & Check/Reply Items

K. Hoercher wbhoer at
Wed Oct 11 11:00:44 CEST 2006

On 10/11/06, Jan Mulders <lastchancehotel at> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I am trying to use the 'files' module of Freeradius to do
> decisionmaking, based on information pulled in from the sql module,
> and the sqlcounter thing.
I'm not really knowing much about that. But a quick glance over the
provided bits leads to a few internal "huh?"s

You don't seem to actually use "files" anywhere.  Where do you use
"monthlybytecounter"? And those references to the (allegedly)
"Pool-Name"s in post-auth{} and accounting {} look strange too.

Putting that aside for the moment, (as it doesn't even get that far).

> First off, is this the right way of doing this? I want to assign users
> a different Pool-Name for  each assigned speed, and send
> Max-Download-Speed and Max-Upload-Speed vendor-specific variables to
> the client on each request.
> My actual problem relates to the following errors, pulled from radiusd -X:

> But... but... the bottom 3 attributes *aren't* check attributes! I
> want to *set* them! Or am I getting entirely the wrong end of the
> stick here?

hm, well, they _are_! You might not want them to be so, but...
1. Pool-Name is in freeradius.internal dictionary, so you shouldn't
mess with that.
2. The other ones produce the same message from lines 195ff in
rlm_files.c. I don't find them in the provided dictionaries. Where\how
do you define them? Obviously they are encoded to a range reserved for
non-reply items and the exception for VSA doesn't kick in.

> radiusd.conf: "files" modules aren't allowed in 'post-auth' sections
>-- they have no such method.
>radiusd.conf[327] Failed to parse post-auth section.
is quite clear.

> Can somebody point out how these rules are meant to be arranged, and
> perhaps how I could do this in sql? It's all quite confusing.

Uh, as much as I could infer, you should get rid of this Pool-Name.
Afaik it is unneeded for the purpose of sending back reply attributes
in general as it has to do with ippools.

Provide a sane dictionary for the other two attributes.

Please check man 5 users, the comments in radius.conf at the top of
sqlcounter stanza. Roughly put, you should append "monthlybytecounter"
and "files" to authenticate {}, get rid of "files" "512*" etc and
probably "sql" in post-auth{} and minus "sql" in accounting{}. Make
small changes and check how they work by looking at debug output.

Then you could contemplate putting the logic in users file to sql tables.

K. Hoercher

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