Windows Vista doing PEAP

King, Michael MKing at
Wed Oct 11 18:09:31 CEST 2006

Sometimes, the answer in not on the first 5 pages of google....

Raimund Sacherer wrote:

> is there an easy way to create a package (i use the debian package
> management) with the files for debugging instead of the stripped once?

Copy the following line in your shell:

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage

Nicolas Baradakis 

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On 10/10/06, King, Michael <MKing at> wrote:

> I'm assuming it built it that way.
> Anways, here's what I got following those direcitons  (Which is what 
> leads me to think the symbols go stripped)

If you look at or around line 188, there should be dh_strip, which
normally does live up to its name, i.e. stripping binaries off what it
considers "unneeded symbols". For building a "debugging" package let
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS contain "nostrip".

Uh, on a side note the ifeq/endif construct around seems unneeded to me,
as dh_strip should honor "nostrip" internally.

K. Hoercher
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