Help: How to authenticate additional attribute

Chew, Heng Hui (Andy) FORNATL, SN hchew at
Thu Oct 12 23:53:38 CEST 2006

Hi, I am running FreeRadius to authenticate with a WinXP SP2 client
using PEAP on WPA2. However, in addition to the normal username and
password authentication, I would like to authenticate the client with
its location coordinate i.e. the authentication will be based on
username, password and location coordinate. I understand that WinXP
provides a dialog box that allows me to input the username and password.
Can I use the domain field to input the location coordinate? 
If this is possible, what must be configured or done to the FreeRadius
so that it may authenticate this additional attribute? Do I need to
modify the source code?
Is there anybody who may advice me on this?

With Regards,
Chew Heng Hui Andy

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