Mobile Phones Radius Authentications

Peter Nixon listuser at
Fri Oct 13 13:05:18 CEST 2006

On Fri 13 Oct 2006 11:20, nsuralullec wrote:
> Hi to all;
> I'm setting up GPRS with radius authentication.
> Authentication accepted when using the GPRS phone as
> modem for internet connections(PPP). Authentication
> fails when using GPRS WAP applications. GPRS phones
> security features was enabled including the username
> and password but the radius server keeps on rejecting
> connections.
> Is there any similar cases thats being resolved?

We have a large number of phones being authenticated by FreeRADIUS for both 
WAP and GPRS access on multiple APNs. It works great so if you are having 
problems you need to provide detailed debug logs if you wish us to help you 
debug your configuration.


Peter Nixon
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