configure options

Seferovic Edvin edvin.seferovic at
Sun Oct 22 19:58:39 CEST 2006

>> wouldn't it be useful to publish all configure options ( like modules
>> options ) in WIKI ?
>  Yes.

>> I am trying to build debian packages for my machines
>> with only those modules I need. And at the moment I don't have a clue how
>> deactivate the modules I don't need.

>   Many modules don't even have "configure" scripts.  The solution is
>to either delete the source directory (src/modules/rlm_foo), or to
>delete the resulting files.

I wanted to deactivate mysql module ( rlm_sql ). But since I built debian
package, I was able to install only the freeradius and freeradius-ldap which
are needed for my setup. Something like this would be sure usefull if it
were possible to enable/disable it in configure script.

Thank you for your answer Alan !



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