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Actually the situation is a little bit more complicated! The route is send as you said in Access-Accept but because there are more than one possible route and congestions are possible, when i recieve account-stop with the cause: route overloaded, i send in Account-Response the second possible route to make things go faster! More than that i need to send other Attributes like Called-Station-Id and more important variable Session-Timeout(not in VSA of course) that must be send from a specific cell in the DB. In the procedure we've decided to implement there are  5 Attributes that might be send in  Account-Response in some situations, and  the things are that i can't  modify the procedure because the rest is ready and this part with Radius is my part! If i wount be able to make freeradius to do this i must write a server myself so that i would be able to configure it on my needs! In  O'Reilly manual is said :
 "Not only do Accounting-Response packets not have to contain any attributes, but in practice it is rare for them to do so. " and "As well, any vendor-specific attributes may be included in Accounting-Response packets " Now is the case as i said the procedure is made for voice calls and the procedure can't be modified! The ONLY solution in my case is this!

Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote: Vasea Marii  wrote:

> I'm sory..i didn' understand the tone of the answer 

   All of your sentences end with exclamation marks!  You seem
very excited!  Always!

> but hopping for best i say that i try to make routing on Radius, i
> mean that a conversation between NAS and Radius(where the routes are
> stored in MySQL) and using a VSA i could send to the NAS the needed
> route !

  Uh, no.  Routes are assigned in Access-Accept, not in

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