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> Did you notice the response from ntlm_auth:
> Exec-Program: /usr/bin/ntlm_auth --request-nt-key --username=sstruyf
> --challenge=decc4450c3b83d2c --nt-
> response=1af36673f68f926b4cc76bf8cd9f440d0c36396981ad345 
> Exec-Program output: Logon failure (0xc000006d)
> This indicates an invalid username or password.  Try running 
> “/usr/bin/ntlm_auth --username=sstruyf” and entering the same 
> password you used in your previous test when prompted.  Is the 
> username correct?  Is samba going to the correct domain by default? 
> Did you enter the correct password?  If you can’t authenticate from 
> the command line, you won’t be able to do so from freeradius either.- 
> List info/subscribe/unsubscribe? See
from the commandline everything is working, and the same username/realm 
works if i enter pass it as username at realm instead of realm\username. So i 
am absolutely sure the user is ok.
I will check with our AD admin if he sees something in his logs.
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