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Hi All,


I am currently configuring power distribution units(PDU) in our
organisation, authentication from freeradius-1.0.1-3.RHEL4.3


1. I have configured the dictionary file accordingly.


client {

        secret          =abcdeffghijk

        shortname       =PDU1



client {

        secret          =lmnoopqrstuve

        shortname       =PDU2




2. I have also defined the ATTRIBUTE and VALUE the dictionary file as
per APC vendor's instructions






ATTRIBUTE APC-Service-Type 1 integer APC


VALUE APC-Service-Type Admin 1

VALUE APC-Service-Type Device 2

VALUE APC-Service-Type ReadOnly 3



3. I have modified the users file , created groups and outlet access for
each group. In the below example,I have given group3 access to outlet3. 


DEFAULT Group == "group3", Auth-Type = System

        APC-Service-Type = Outlet,

        APC-Outlets = "3",

        Fall-Through = No


4. Now, I have 20 PDUs setup (in pair) and  I also would like to
restrict the subnets that it can authenticate from. I would like to set
up a rule in user file as following:


If pdu1 or pdu2

{if group1 and authenticated from the approved subnets


     APC-Service-Type = Outlet,

        APC-Outlets = "1",





....And so on for the rest of PDU pairs.


Has anyone done a similar setup before? If so, could you please shed


Thanks in advance




u.palvannan at








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