FreeRadius not stable on my server

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Oct 31 16:52:45 CET 2006

Nataniel Klug <nata at> wrote:
> Sometimes my NAS send a disconnect for the radius (I have remote logging 
> and I am monitoring every step of the NAS(es) and the radius) and, for 
> some reason that I could not know, this request for disconect do not get 
> into the FreeRadius. I really dont know if the radius is not receiving 
> the message (for network reasons or something) or its is comming to the 
> radius server but the program (radiusd) is not able to process this request.

  I would suggest finding out what is happening.  You are trying to
solve a problem, but you don't know what's going wrong.  That means
you probably won't be able to solve it until you *do* know what's
going wrong.

> All the nases are sending their logs to ns1 and it logs every single try 
> to disconect a client that nas sends but some of them do not get into 
> radius server.

  Your network topology makes no sense to me. 

  Alan DeKok.
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