Problems getting eap-mschapv2 working.

Zoltan z.ori at
Mon Sep 4 14:39:00 CEST 2006

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From: Ian Walker <scatmanwalks at>

> >
> > > You have some items misplaced. Check against the default configuration
> > that
> > > came with the server. In particular, mschapv2 and the contents of that
> > > stanza.
> I've now re-written the stanza and placed it correctly, so it appears like
> this:
> peap {
>      default_eap_type=mschapv2
> }
> mschapv2 {
> }

Ok, that should be fine for eap.conf.

> however, there is no default/sample config that tells me how mschapv2
> be configured.

You will find default/sample configs in the source under raddb. Also, see which is mentioned on the home page
of Especially section 3. There is probably plenty on the
wiki as well, though I can't seem to get to it at the moment.

> With this config, which I tried previously, it didn't work,
> which was why I thought maybe it should exist in the peap stanza.

You are still missing mschap? Debug output would help.

Zoltan Ori

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