rlm_perl and accounting -- radrelay?

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Sep 7 01:32:51 CEST 2006

Justin Church <jcc at unc.edu> wrote:
> OK.  The patch worked, since I can now run radiusd -n radrelay w/o the 
> Abort, but I still am not seeing a way to replicate to multiple 
> accounting servers with radiusd -n radrelay.

  Unfortunately, it doesn't yet do that.  The issue is that the server
core is really designed to forward packets, not to clone them.

  I think it's possible to clone the packets, it just requires
additional work in the server core.

> I need to take accounting requests that arrive at "main-radius" in
> "radrelay-detail" and replicate them to "remote-radius1",
> "remote-radius2", "remote-radius3" in parallel.  It appears as if my
> only two options in radrelay.conf are to store accounting data in
> sql or proxy to other servers.

  You can do more than that.  Pretty much anything the server can do
is valid in radrelay, it's just that the example config is simpler.

> With the old radrelay, I believe I could have just run #radrelay -r
> remote-radius1 radrelay-detail; radrelay -r remote-radius2
> radrelay-detail; radrelay -r remote-radius3 radrelay-detail.

  i.e. one radrelay per detail file.

  You can still do this with the new code, you just have to create
"radrelay1.conf", radrelay2.conf", etc.  It's a big pain, and
something that should be fixed before 2.0.

>  Am I missing something, and is this still possible with radiusd -n
> radrelay?

  Yes, it is.  But it's more work.

  And looking at the conf files, I think the main "libdir",
"raddbdir", etc. stuff at the top should be moved into a separate
"directories.conf" file.  That way all of the other "radiusd.conf" and
"radrelay.conf" files can just $INCLUDE it, which gives a central
point for storing all changes.

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