Radrelay - Duplicate records...

Etienne Pretorius etiennep at kingsley.co.za
Thu Sep 28 12:12:10 CEST 2006

Hello List,

I would like to know if it is possible to setup FreeRAIUS not to log 
accounting info from a specific server to the detail file and still log 
the accounting info into the local mysql database.

Some background on the subject:
I have recently taken over the maintenance of a couple of FreeRADIUS 
servers. I'll be frank, I am not an experienced FreeRADIUS admin, so my 
first priority was to get the accounting information synced at all times 
between our servers. After some searching I found a couple of documents 
and posts about radrelay and I have proceeded to set it up on the 
servers hoping to achieve a two-way accounting replication service.

    | Primary    | <=====================  | Secondary |
    | RADIUS  |  =====================> | RADIUS   |

As the documentation is quite brief - I assume everything is working 
fine. I kept my eye on the logs and started to see the following appearing.
Wed Sep 27 17:37:45 2006 : Info: rlm_radutmp: Login entry for NAS <1> 
port 1090715896 duplicate
Wed Sep 27 17:37:46 2006 : Info: rlm_radutmp: Login entry for NAS <1> 
port 1090716313 duplicate

(Also please note that I am aware of record duplication coming from my 
upstream provider's RADIUS proxy)

When I killed radrelay on the Secondary then everything was OK except I 
now only have a one-way replication happening. Looking at the sql tables 
showed that there are about double the amount of records on the primary 
then on the secondary for that time period.

As I have little experience on configuring FreeRadius (We all have to 
start somewhere), I would greatly appreciate the any help or comments 
about the subject at hand.

Thank you.
Etienne Pretorius

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