passing Calling-Station-ID

Adil Azmi Bikarbass adil at
Sun Apr 1 17:35:45 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok a écrit :
> Adil Azmi Bikarbass wrote:
>> The issue is that we want the second NAS to get the calling-station-ID
>> from the "someuser" session on Radius
>   To do... what?
This is will be used for a mobile 3G application : the first NAS will 
authenticate the user and assign the IP and the second nas should get 
the assigned IP and the calling-Station-ID (cell phone number) for 
billing purposes
>> is there a way we can have this to work and pass this attribute from one
>> session to another?
>   Sure.  Store the Calling-Station-Id in a database when you receive it
> from the first NAS, then pull it out of the DB, and send it to the
> second NAS.
The solution should be fast enough to handle thounsads of request 
simultaniously, you thing going through a DB is fast enough? can we pass 
this info into the RAM between the two NAS sessions?

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