Sqlcounter Max-Octets doesn't reset

Sigfrido sigfrido_to at email.it
Mon Apr 2 11:54:58 CEST 2007

Hi all,

freeradius 1.1.0 on Ubuntu Dapper

all's going but the counter below is not resetting:

sqlcounter volumelimitcounter {
                    counter-name = Total-Max-Octets
                    check-name = Max-Octets
                    reply-name = ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets
                    sqlmod-inst = sql
                    key = User-Name
                    reset = daily
                    query = "SELECT SUM(AcctOutputOctets) FROM radacct where UserName ='%{%k}'"

I would like to reset, everyday at 00:00, the Max-Octets (in radcheck table) to 0 but it seems not working. I tried also the "hourly" reset, with same results.
Any idea ? It's a bug or what ?




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