Duplicate accounting log entries

Patric patrict at bluebottle.com
Tue Apr 3 17:13:07 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:
  >   Your NAS is broken.  Knowing that doesn't help much, but your NAS is
> definitely broken.

I suspected as much. Unfortunately it is a huge company whose NAS it is, 
and it is doubtful that the would notice my little squeek from down 
here... :]

>> 2 of these records have the same acct_unique_id,
>   How?  The default configuration of the server includes User-Name in
> the unique ID calculation.  So unless you've edited the configuration to
> *remove* that, I don't see how its possible.
Is my understanding correct that the NAS generates the unique ID? 
Because it exists in the detail files that I get from the NAS... In 
which case I dont know if they removed it...

>   Post the "key" for the acct_unique module.  Explain how two different
> User-Names can result in the same key.

I couldnt begin to explain if I tried! lol

I guess Im going to HAVE to try get some results from the people that 
control the NAS.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.


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