Duplicate accounting log entries

Patric patrict at bluebottle.com
Wed Apr 4 09:57:31 CEST 2007

Hi again,

Thanks a stack for your responses, I have a much better understanding of 
how it works now! Yes I do have the acct_unique_id setup as below, and 
have managed to weed out a lot of the duplication now.

Dennis Skinner wrote:
> No.  Look in the radius.conf for a section that looks like this:
> acct_unique {
>        key = "User-Name, Acct-Session-Id, NAS-IP-Address,
> Client-IP-Address, NAS-Port"
>         }
> That creates the second key (the one that doesn't come from the NAS)
> that is based on the first one.  Notice the User-Name is part of the
> mix, hence Alan's question about how they could be the same.

After further investigation with my newly gained knowledge, I have been 
able to find in more detail what the problems are.

In 1 instance, I have 2 accounting start's for the same username at the 
same time, but from 2 DIFFERENT NAS'! Which then results in 2 different 
unique id's, as the client-ip is different...
I have now sent a query to the maintainers of the NAS, as I feel this is 
a valid query, but if anyone could verify for me that this should NOT be 

My second worry is this. If a dsl user connects multiple times on the 
same line, what is the typical NAS behaviour for accounting?
Does the NAS combine the traffic of all the connections and send that, 
or does it monitor each connection seperately.

I am getting duplicate update's for that user from the NAS, where 
everything is identical including the input and output octets, which 
leads me to believe that the traffic is being combined and I actually 
only need 1 of the records.
If I then make my unique_id column unique I will prevent this duplication.

Thanks again guys, as always any input is much appreciated!


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