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  can i use two sql database in sql.conf for free radius version 0.9 ?

  currently i m using freeradius 0.9 + MySQL 3.23 + PPPoE on linux (NAS)

  authentication and accounting is happening in one database. 

  i have a very large user database and i want to assign roaming profile to my users, in that case users will be authenticated from database1 which is having authentication information (radcheck, radgroupcheck,radreply) of all users and accounting will be done in database2 (radacct table).

  how to specify two database in sql.conf ? as there is only one line radius_db. :(

  i did not find more help in docs of freeradius-1.1.5 !!  Please help

  Nirmal Patel

  Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
    Nirmal wrote:
    > Hi i m using freeradius 0.9


    > is it possible to select two sql databases in sql.conf ?


    > how ?

    See the documentation in the recent versions.

    Alan DeKok.
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