Segmentation fault on sigHUP

inverse inverse.tfb at
Wed Apr 11 16:31:09 CEST 2007

> >   Maybe we can add features that prevent the need for the HUP, and then
> > remove support for HUP.  That would be best, I think.
> Do you have in mind a favorite technique for signaling daemons that
> the config files have changed?  HUP is a common way to do it, but I'm
> sure there are other ways.

I'm glad Milan Holub replied with a patch, thank you!

Going back to the subject, a useful feature would be a periodical
reload of certificate revocation lists and the users list. These two
lists are prone to changing frequently in production environments: a
production server usually has an otherwise stable configuration.

I think nobody is willing to experiment on radiusd.conf during peak
hours, on the other hand he will be busy adding/removing users or
eventually certificate revocations if using EAP-TLS in the most
advanced way.

As for me, I was planning a CRL reload during off peak hours, so I
guess I'll stick with just a full nighttime restart.

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