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Peter Nixon listuser at
Thu Apr 12 09:31:54 CEST 2007

On Wed 11 Apr 2007, Murray Hooper wrote:
> Are there any open source programs that parse the accounting logs produced
> by freeradius?   I can find a couple in Google, but they appear to have
> been left behind in 1999.

Hi Murray

I have been using some code I wrote called, which is a modified 
version of (which is part of FreeRADIUS) which is specific 
to Cisco H323 VoIP VSAs. This version pretty much uses standard radius 
attributes. While I have been using it in production for many years I 
haven't got around to releasing it because I have been planning to rewrite 
it in python, or in absence of that at least with a separate config file.

The code is horrid, and I hardly remember how some bits of it work, but it 
DOES work. Anyway, for what it's worth, here it is. I guess I will stick it 
into FreeRADIUS cvs later today also.

It does have the advantages of automatically handling detail files compressed 
with a number of compression formats (I auto compress my detail files from 
cron to save space), of handling multiple detail files at once, of deleting 
duplicate records when it finds them in the DB, and of being stupidly 
difficult to understand and modify :-D



Peter Nixon
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