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Fri Apr 13 20:27:49 CEST 2007

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM radacct WHERE AcctStopTime=0

That will give you the number of currently logged in users (according to
the database).

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 13/4/2007, "Mordor Networks" <mordor.networks at> piše:

>i want to know how many user logged in mysql database/radius but it only
>show the number of user in my databse for example is says 61 logged out
>and 0 login
>so here is the problem
>//login users from//
>$login_users = ; < what i have to write here ? which table i have to query?
>how i can fix that ?
>if i change the number from 0 to 1 it show me one user online so their
>must be a way to fix it?
>heres the code :
>include ("include/Artichow/class/jpgraph.php");
>include ("include/Artichow/class/jpgraph_pie.php");
>include ("include/Artichow/class/jpgraph_pie3d.php");
>include_once ("class/Oreon.class.php");
>include_once ("phpradmin.conf.php");
>$oreon_db = new OreonDatabase($conf_pra["host"], $conf_pra["user"],
>$conf_pra["password"], $conf_pra["db"]);
>$table = "userinfo";
>//este si es valido
>$total_users_in_db = $oreon_db ->getTotalRowsInTable($table);
>//$total_users_in_db = 500;
>//login users from DB (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM radacct??;)
>$login_users = ;
>//logoff users total_users_in_db - login_users
>$logoff_users = ($total_users_in_db - $login_users);
>$percent_login = ($login_users * 100 / $total_users_in_db);
>$percent_logoff = ( 100 - $percent_login );
>$data = array($percent_login,$percent_logoff);
>//$data = array(12,88);
>$graph = new PieGraph(350,170,"auto");
>//$graph->title->Set( $lang['pra_total_users_in_db']":" $total_users_in_db);
>$graph->title->Set("Total users in Data Base: $total_users_in_db");
>$p1 = new PiePlot3D($data);
>$p1->ExplodeSlice( 1);
>$p1->SetLabelType( "PIE_VALUE_ABS");
>"LogIN Users: $login_users",
>"LogOUT Users: $logoff_users",
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