Multiple REALMS, multiple SQL

Andrea Cerrito is at
Sat Apr 14 21:47:53 CEST 2007

Hi to this list,

I'm using freeradius from few weeks, and now I need a little help to
understand how to configure a proxied configuration to do what I need.

My situation:

[ Proxy Frontend ] -- REALM ABC >> proxied to [ My Radius Server ]
			 |- REALM DEF >> proxied to [ My Customer Radius ]
			 |- REALM GHI >> proxied to [ My Customer Radius ]

The data about the realm ABC is stored in a database by another server that
I manage, so I keep data without problems.
The data about the realm DEF/GHI is not stored at all because I'm not
managing the final servers.

I cannot store data on the proxy frontend by the simple "sql" configuration
because I'll start to write a lot of useless and doubled data (the real
configuration is more complex then described before).

How can I let the proxy write in a db just the realm DEF and GHI and ignore
the realm ABC?

I think it can be done in the post-proxy section of the radius.conf... But

Thank you

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