PAM Radius Authentication

daniel daniel at
Sun Apr 15 16:44:26 CEST 2007

 I have been trying to set up the pam_radius_auth pam module to
authenticate my users through my freeradius server. The radius server
is working fine as I can get and Access-Accept packet with radtest and
also my wireless hotspot authenticates fine through it.   
 The problem I have is that pam seems to be having a problem loading
the module. The auth.log shows the following:   
 Apr 15 22:03:51 bill sshd[7861]: PAM unable to
 Apr 15 22:03:51 bill sshd[7861]: PAM [dlerror:
/lib/security/ undefined symbol:
 Apr 15 22:03:51 bill sshd[7861]: PAM adding faulty module:
 I am running pam_radius_auth 1.3.16 and freeradius 1.1.6 on Ubuntu
 The pam_radius_auth module seems to be quite old, does anyone know
if it still works?   
 Daniel Davis  
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