The server will carry local authentication first, despite ofproxying or not, is this correct?

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Apr 16 07:49:56 CEST 2007

LinHai wrote:
>> The server will not perform authentication before proxying.  Read the
>> debug log you posted to the list.
>   But in debug log, rlm_sql (sql) , I found 4 sql query has been carried. These sql query should not be performed
> for optimizing reason, I think.


  One of the pieces of information that the SQL queries can return is
that the request should be proxied.

>> The server *will* process the request through some modules before
>> proxying.  If that is not "supposed" to happen, please explain how the
>> server can proxy the request without doing *some* processing of it.
>   Maybe we can perform a judgement first,if the server should proxy the request,then send it to home server directly.

  Try to configure the server so that it proxies requests without
looking at them, or without running any kind of local policy that says
what requests should be proxied, and where they should be proxied to.

  You will not succeed.

  Alan DeKok.
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