PAM Radius Authentication

daniel daniel at
Thu Apr 19 10:05:22 CEST 2007

Ok, I have some more questions.

>   It sounds like a database might be a better choice.  pam_ldap, in
> conjunction with nss_ldap should solve the problem.

If I use LDAP to authenticate with PAM and freeradius authenticates against LDAP as well am I able to still store session details with LDAP?

I am trying to integrate my current hotspot database with my terminals so that users can authenticate on either using the same username and password. It is a ticket based system and they have a limited amount of time, this works fine on both systems with freeradius (mysql backend) but it is a pain to continually have to add users to /etc/passwd. This can all be administered througha set of PHP scripts.


Daniel Davis

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