Checking for existence of User-Password

Arran Cudbard-Bell A.Cudbard-Bell at
Sun Apr 22 11:56:59 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
>> Just wondering if theres any way of checking the existence of 
>> User-Password in users...
>> =* ANY always matches even if User-Password attribute isn't in the 
>> request.. which is not the correct behaviour.
>   That was done historically because the server didn't have
> Cleartext-Password.  Now that it does, I think that should be fixed in
> 1.1.7.
>   Alan DeKok.
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And cvs head ? :)

Could the check_val module be used in the mean time ?

I was just looking to implement your trick with the authz sections, 
unfortunately I also need to support ClearText passwords
for administrative logins to the switches... so I needed to check the 
existence of a User-Password attribute and send the request through the 
right authz section.

Oh btw, any news on the radclient bug ?


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