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Wed Apr 25 03:35:09 CEST 2007

Hello list

Have anybody of you manage to configure freeradius to pull authorization
iformation from MySQL and MSSQL (via ODBC/freetds) at the same time??

I have presently a working configuration

Freeradius + Mysql + passwd + userfiles + NIS (via PAM)

And I'm actually able to do 

Freeradius + MSSQL + passwd + userfiles + NIS (via PAM)

But I'm not able to do all of them at the same time

Freeradius + MSSQL + Mysql + passwd + userfiles + NIS (via PAM)

Only switching lines in the radius.conf file

        #$INCLUDE  ${confdir}/sql.conf
        #$INCLUDE  ${confdir}/mssql.conf

But, is there a way to configure a failover to ask MSSQL and then MySQL and
have both modules running at the same time??

Thank in advance list users, any help will be appreciated!

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