How to add OTP validation to FreeRadius

Nick Owen nowen at
Wed Apr 25 15:21:47 CEST 2007

On 4/24/07, Ouahiba MACHANI <ouahiba.machani at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have to find a solution that integrates the use of OTP (One Time Password
> ) as a second factor authentication in addition to the first factor
> authentication (witch is generally username and password) to an existing
> authentication System.
> This solution should be integrated easily to the existing authentication
> system regardless the protocol used for authentication (Rdius, Kerberos,
> Http, EAP, etc) and regardless the OS.
>  My questions are:
> 1-      What are the possibilities and the facilities offered by
> FreeRadius??
> 2-      I though about tow solutions :
> a-       Developing a plug-in that could be integrated to the existing
> authentication system. This plug-in will interact with the OTP-Server for
> otp validation.
> b-      Installing a radius server in front of the existing IT system. This
> server will be configured  in a way it will redirect first factor
> authentication requests (exple : username/password) to the existing
> authentication system and the OTP second factor authentication to the OTP
> services Server hosted and give access to user only when this 2 factors are
> valide.
> I have no idea about Radius. And these are general ideas and I want someone
> to tell me if these solutions are possible and how to proceed.  Wats is best
> or better to do?
>  Is there any other solution?

I don't think this is really a freeradius question.  You need to
choose a two-factor authentication system that supports radius.
Luckily, most do.


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WiKID Systems, Inc.
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