Accept users by NAS-IP-Address

Svend Eriksen se at
Wed Apr 25 15:32:38 CEST 2007


I'm running version 1.1.6 against a Postgres database.
In the radcheck table I check the password and sets Expiration for the 
In the nas table I have listed all the NAS that the users can connect 
through, and this seems to work fine.

I also want the users to be member of a group, where the group gives 
access to some of the NAS.
If I set 'NAS-IP-Address == ip_of_a_nas' in the radgroupcheck, the user 
can only connect through that NAS.
The problem occurs when I want a group to contain several NAS. How can I 
make freeradius accept the login if the NAS-IP-Address from the user, is 
one of several listed in a group that a user is member of?


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