radrelay causing duplicates

Brian Walters brian at lonestarsupport.com
Fri Apr 27 16:42:12 CEST 2007

I'm trying to set up a system with 3 radius servers and want to store
all accounting data on all 3 systems. This worked well in a 2 server
system with radrelay running on both systems.

rad1 <---> rad2

It this situation radrelay uses the Client-IP-Address attr to decide if
something is a duplicate.

Now in a 3 server config, I want to send the accounting packets to all 3
servers. So I set up 2 radrelay instances on each server pointing to the
2 other servers. i.e. rad1 relay-> rad2, rad1 relay-> rad3

     /  \
    /    \

The problem is that when rad2 gets the packet from rad1, it then sends
that packet to rad3 but now the client ip is that of rad2 not rad1 so
when rad3 also sees the accounting packet from rad1 it adds the entry.

I've thought about filtering this in the detail-combined files but I
haven't figured out how to filter out records at that level.

Suggestions welcomed


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